Why men increase sperm quantity? Top 3 reasons

Increasing the amount of ejaculated semen slowly but surely becomes one of the newest fantasm among the male population, especially among the men who like watching porn vids where stars like Peter North drown in loads.

Why are men so obsessed by how much sperm spurts out when they reach orgasm ? We can identify 3 main reasons :

 The ego.

A large amount of ejaculated semen shows that you are manly and virile, especially to your partner. Moreover, an increased sperm quantity ejaculated enhances the sexual satisfaction.

The sexual gratification.

Men taking antidepressants and who experience difficulties in reaching orgasm as side effect of these medications constantly search for safe and natural ways to enhance their sexual drive, stamina and orgasms.

Interested in boosting your sperm quantity?

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For fertility reasons.

More and more men suffer from fertility problems, due to unhealthy lifestyles, stress but also pollution. This is why the medical community is now coming with non prescriptive, herbal and safe formulaes capable of boosting the ejaculated volume of semen, increase the sperm production and motility.

Semenax Pills are the product you need to increase your sperm quantity. Semenax are all natural pills based on herbal and FDA approved ingredients. These are proven to increase sperm quantity but also sperm quality. How is it possible ? Semenax make use of herbs but also amino acids proven to increase libido and virility for centuries.

How to increase the sperm quantity ?

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But with Semenax, we are sure that you will quickly enjoy an increased sexual stamina and longer orgasm, rock hard erections and larger ejaculations. Moreover, you will produce an healthier sperm and in larger quantities – all what is necessary to increase your fertility.

To finish, we would like to give some general advices about sperm quantity and quality.

Avoid :

  1. Heat : it reduces sperm production.
  2. Frequent ejaculation : this lowers the sperm count.
  3. Smoking.
  4. Drinking alcohol.
  5. Zinc deficiency : Semenax fights zinc deficiency, Semenax are rich in zinc.
  6. Pollution.
  7. Anabolic steroids.

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